The A.N.P.I.S. is an association born in 2000, which includes 3,000 members of 82 associations spread over most of the national territory that, progressively, starting from the first half of the 1990s, were created as a tool for social promotion and the fight against marginality through the promotion and implementation of non-competitive sports activities.

The sports clubs –Polisportive- associations were originally created starting from the activity of operators and users of public services and social cooperatives in the mental health sector, and then were animated also by those who face the problems of disabilities. The ANPIS is now constituted, therefore, at national level and has also developed at the regional level through the creation of regional coordinations, present on almost the entire national territory.

People with mental disabilities are active members of the sports clubs –Polisportive- associations, they adhere to and participate in all the sports and cultural activities promoted by the associations.