Mobility C2: Ancona from  September 27  to  October 1   2021
With the project "A sail for all" ANPIS Nazionale organised in Ancona a sport experience on a sailing boat in which delegations from Romania, Germany, Slovenia participated. In cooperation with the Yacht Club of Marina Dorica, the participants were organised in two groups and the skippers of the yacht club gave them a tour of the boats and instructed them on the manoeuvres necessary to go out into the open sea. The groups made two trips out to sea with lunch on board on the second trip. The Polisportiva ANPIS Solidalea, which has been running the "A sail for all" project for two years, accompanied the participants throughout the five days of mobility: it followed the delegations in their sporting experience, organised a meeting between the delegations and its own operators and users with the aim of encouraging all the participants to express their views and observations on the experience and, with the support of the Regional Coordination ANPIS Marche, organised a meeting with representatives of the local authorities (Municipality, Region, Department of Mental Health) and the delegations from the partner countries.